About Me

So, Who is Kris?

I’m glad you asked, and mahalo for stopping by.

My name is Kris Nelson, and I am a professional Software Engineer in the Chicagoland area. But that’s not what these sites and Apps are about.

Everything featured in my Maui Portfolio has been put together of the years, on my own time, and all inspired by the Aloha Spirit my wife and I fell in love with on our first trip to Maui in ’06.

We have shared countless Maui memories over our numerous trips to the Valley Ilse since then, including our first trip as a family after our son was born in ’10. It is a personal mission of mine to use my development, photographic, and creative skills to share those memories and the Magic of Maui with as many people as I possibly can.


Starting in the 8th grade, I’ve been writing code for anything that I can get my hands on. That equates to over half of my life at a keyboard of some sort.

I took those skills to the web in 2001 and have been growing a web presence since then.

Most recently, it was in 2010 when I launched my first iPhone App, and have been actively expanding my knowledge and experience with that medium ever since.


Technically, my first camera was a digital point-and-shoot that my wife and I bought for Christmas before our honeymoon in 2004. But it wasn’t until I bought my first DSLR camera for our first trip to Maui in 2006 that I really fell in love with photography.

Over the trips year after year, I was fortunate to capture more and more images of Maui than I could have ever imagined I would, and my passion for photography grew almost to equal that of writing code.

As my photography skills grew, I found myself winning awards at the Maui Photo Festival in ’09 and ’11, and have had images featured in Hawaii Magazine and Maui No Ka Oi Magazine.

Although my recent focus behind the camera has shifted towards portrait photography and capturing the greatest moments of our growing family, I would never pass up a chance to return to Maui and further expand my collection of Maui imagery.


Anyone that writes code for a living will tell you that much of what we do involves a certain amount of problem solving. And it’s in solving those problems – whether business challenges or technology related – that often calls for creative problem solving and thinking outside of the normal boundaries.

And as any photographer will tell you, making a good photograph is about telling a story, not just documenting a scene. This task, obviously, also requires a high level of creativity to be successful and further your skills and the quality of your work.

I strongly feel the work that I feature here on this website embodies that creativity – from the inception of an idea, identifying the challenges, and finding the appropriate solutions, to pushing my development and technology limits to deliver something I might not have ever done before.

And so lives on that very same cycle, but with an Aloha twist.

Many Thanks

Again, many thanks for stopping by this page on the website to learn a little bit more about me.

I hope you enjoy what you see here, and take a look at a few of my sites and Apps that you may be learning about for the first time.

If you did have a question or a suggestion, or wanted to reach out to me for any reason, check out the Social Media page if you wanted to connect there, or kindly use the Contact form over at my full development portfolio site, webnelly.com.

All the best,
– Kris