Maui Blogs

My first blog was a Maui blog, and while I now maintain blogs across many other interests, it was no doubt the addition of a blog to my first Maui site that started bringing in more visitors and readers.


Ka’anapali Dreamin’ Blog

Ka’anapali Dreamin’ was my first Maui website, and as a later addition, contained my first ever blog as well.

It is without question my largest blog to date, as measured by posts and comments. And in it’s peak, it was featuring daily posts on various Maui topics and news.

While admittedly not updated as much as back then, it still holds a wealth of information and enjoyable content for new readers. Particularly, its features the trip journals from all of our visits to Maui, various travel traditions we like to enjoy every time we’re in Maui, and a long running Sunday Photo series that would feature photos and stories behind them.

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Maui by Photo Blog

My second Maui blog was part of the Maui by Photo website.

The premise behind this site – as an extension of Ka’anapali Dreamin’ – was exploring the island of Maui through my collection of photos during our past trips. As the collections grew, the blog was intended to provide updates and feature various locations around Maui.

In addition to sharing posts about my photo collections listed on the Maui by Photo website, the intent is also to feature the work of other Maui photographers and share links to their images to help people relive their favorite Maui vacation memories without leaving home.

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Maui by Postcard Blog

It was a few years after I started the Maui by Photo site before my next Maui blog was published. Similarly, though, it was meant to also feature some of my favorite Maui photos but to also promote my newest Maui App for the iPhone and iPad.

With the Maui Postcards App utilizing my own Maui images for others to create and send personalized postcards, the goal of this blog was to highlight some of the images available, as well as provide updates and news regarding the App itself.

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Maui by Poster Blog

Somewhere between redesigning the Daily Maui Photo website and rebuilding version 2.0 of the App, I put out my first free Maui eBook titled Maui by Poster.

Following a second edition in the series, I also put up print sized posters for sale as well, which eventually lead to the launch of the Maui by Poster website and blog.

The blog itself is still relatively new and light on content as of this posting, but as the 3rd and 4th editions in the eBook series progress, this blog will showcase some of those posters and the stories behind the images used.

Something to look out for if you’d like to have some Aloha on your wall at home or at the office.

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Maui Wall Candy Blog

Maui Wall Candy homepageRelaunched in support of the upcoming App release with the same name, the Maui Wall Candy blog is the place to turn to for all the newest updates to the App itself and the new images being added for the App and the online photo store for ordering prints.

While much of my previous work featured here in this portfolio have been geared towards “Sharing the Magic of Maui” in a digital form, the efforts behind Maui Wall Candy have always been (when first started back in 2008) to take that magic off the screen and into a more traditional form.

With this latest release, the accompanying App, and the re-editing of all my previous Maui images, I feel this is an exciting time to help make that goal come to life.

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