Maui eBooks

In 2011, with eBooks, eReaders, and tablets grabbing so much attention, I decided to explore another avenue to help share some Aloha Spirit and give yet another option for others to bring a little Maui magic with them whether they go.

And that’s where the Maui by Photo eBook series began.


Volume 01 – Around Maui

The first edition in the series was more of a general theme than anything else.

Particularly, it was a creative attempt to add a little story telling to some of Maui images I’ve shared over the years, by fitting them into various poster designs from an iPad App I was just starting to play with.

So in this edition in the series, it’s more of a creative expression – lighthearted, at times – of aspects of Maui that some of it’s visitors may or may not have noticed during their vacations.

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Volume 02 – Above Maui

Switching to a more themed approach after the first edition, the next installment in the series featured my favorite aerial shots from a handful of helicopter photo shoots I’ve been fortunate to have over the years.

Since these types of tours are definitely not something every Maui visitor can experience, I felt it a good choice to showcase for others and to give them a different perspective on some of the usual places they’ve grown to love.

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More Editions Planned

While the currently available editions in the series ends there for now, there is certainly enough material for at least 3 more installments. While I balance my spare time between various projects, it typically doesn’t take more than a week’s time to sit down and pull one of these together, so be on the lookout for more info coming soon.